Are E Cigarettes A Long Term Substitute?

It is true that since the big brands of e-cigarettes emerged, they have taken the world by storm. It has now reached a point where people are concerned whether they are about to replace regular cigarettes for good, especially when you consider the best of e cigarette brands like South Beach Smoke, as seen in many e cig reviews like This is not strange or limited to e-cigarettes only, since it is a claim made regarding almost every new product to hit the market, irrespective of the industry. What makes the claims a bit believable is the fact that e-cigarettes generally cost less than regular cigarettes. The high cost of regular cigarettes has convinced smokers that they need to quit smoking altogether.

Tobacco tax regularly increases, thus pushing up the prices of regular cigarettes. What this means, is that a large number of smokers will henceforth be unable to indulge in a habit they love and cherish, and to which some are addicted. Withdrawal from any addiction, and in cigarettes it all has to do with nicotine, is often hard and prolonged. Addicts have to struggle with withdrawal symptoms, which some of them find too difficult or stressful, and go back to smoking. In this regard, e-cigarettes may be recommended to help smokers conquer such issues.

Smokers find it difficult to quit smoking despite the huge amount of information they have regarding the effects of cigarettes on health. The addiction to nicotine is cited as one of the reasons behind the inability of smokers to kick this habit off their lives and live as nonsmokers. What e-cigarettes have done is that they offer varied solutions to these problems. First, they are relatively cheaper than regular cigarettes as shown in most of the electronic cigarette reviews. Next, they do not come with the baggage of negative effects to human health, which is commonly associated with tobacco-based cigarettes.

Many smokers have already decided that it is safer for them to shift from regular, tobacco based cigarettes to e-cigarettes. The fact that the latter is pocket-friendly only makes it easier for them to make these decisions. Depending on the brand that you buy, e-cigarettes may be different in taste and feel to regular cigarettes. It is easy to see where the belief that e-cigarettes could replace regular cigarettes comes from. These new products give smokers the experience of smoking, without the emission of all the negative and harmful chemicals associated with regular cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes like South Beach Smoke generally have three main components, without which they would not work as effectively or anywhere near as efficiently as they do. These three parts include battery, nicotine cartridge, and microprocessor. All the three components are attached together, and this is how the e-cigarettes come about. These new products are completely rechargeable, and whereas traditional cigarettes pose fire hazards, you will never hear such claims raised against e-cigarettes. Based on this, it is safe to say that they have the potential to replace regular cigarettes.

The lack of poisonous substances as well as chemicals on e-cigarettes has also convinced many users that these could replace traditional cigarettes in the long run. Unlike the smoke that the tobacco-based cigarettes emit, e-cigarettes are a bit different in that they emit water vapor. In this regard, e-cigarettes are considered much safer products to smoke in enclosed surroundings as well as in public places. Secondary or second hand smokers are the worst victims of regular cigarette smoking, but nothing of the sort exists with regard to smoking e-cigarettes.

Numerous websites that seek to create a platform where e-cigarette smokers meet and socialize with other smokers have cropped up all over the Internet. This has made it easier for lovers of e-cigarettes to share with each other their favorite brands. Smokers get the chance to update each other on the latest developments and news regarding the use of e-cigarettes. Before these new products can displace or replace regular cigarettes, their manufacturers have to convince the relevant authorities about their properties, and effectiveness.

In summary, it may be too early right now to say with certainty that e-cigarettes will offer effective alternatives to regular cigarettes. It is only when the relevant regulators do research on e-cigarettes and are convinced about their potential, that talk of replacing traditional cigarettes will have a proper foundation and basis. Until then, lovers of e-cigarettes should continue buying and smoking them, but with some measure of moderation lest they are unable to overcome their nicotine addiction.