Doors – The Most Important Home Security Component

Reliable doors are very important to feel secure and safe in our own house. Besides, knowing that our property is protected lets us feel calm during vacations and when we are at work. The door is the first obstacle that may prevent break-in. There are two main types of doors:
• Interior and
• Exterior.

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Though interior doors play an important role in our feeling of privacy, they fail to protect us from burglary. For this aim, we have exterior doors. They may be made of different materials including:
• Wood;
• Steel;
• Fiber glass;
• Plastic.

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The strongest doors are usually made of hard wood and steel. Anyway, there are ways to make any door more dependable. You can install additional door hardware. For example,
• A peephole. It will help you see who has come to your place and decide whether you want this person in or not without opening the door;
• Latch guards. These small and simple things may effectively increase the security of your home.
• Bars. They may be really helpful if there is a glass section in your entry door. If a burglar shatters the glass to get into the house, a bar may become a serious obstacle on his way.
• Safe lock. The market of locks is very wide. To bring the security of your home to a higher level, try to install high security locks (e.g. deadbolt locks, mortise locks).

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Thinking about the safety, we shouldn`t forget about garage doors. They must be equipped with high security locks too. If there are sliding entry doors in your house, make sure they are always closed and cannot be lifted up of their track.

To exclude the possibility of break-in, analyze the weaknesses your doors may have:
• Cheap, low security lock. This is the first thing that makes your house easy prey;
• Low-quality entry door. If the material is poor, the door is easy to break. Hence, you security counts to zero;
• Absence of additional door hardware that may protect the house;
• Glass sections in the entry door or windows next to the doors. A thief may shatter the glass, open the door from the inside and easily reach your property.

The last but not least important thing that may save your house is keeping all your entry doors closed. No matter if you are home or not. This habit may once save not only your property, but also your life.